The Citroën C1 Vs The New Citroën C3

Since 1919 Citroën, the brainchild of Andre Citroën, has gone from strength to strength. Today, the brand is regarded as the second largest car manufacturer. This is unsurprising considering Citroën operates in over 160 countries and experienced a revenue last year alone in excess of €54.68 billion. 
Citroën, from an innovation perspective, is a truly evolutionary company. Their strategy is one based on clear differentiation and one that enhances and delivers creative technology. This creativity and exploration have been brought to life via Citroën’s F1 development. However, the company is constantly ensuring that Citroën’s breakthroughs are also fully accessible to the average consumer.

Cue the Citroën C1 and Citroën C3

Originally released in 2005 and 2002 respectively, the Citroën C models are now on their second and third generations, with the New III Gen C3 now being available following the early  2017 launch.
This article will outline and compare the Citroën C1 and New C3’s features, look and price plans to help you evaluate which of these nimble city cars is your best match!

Citroën C1 Vs Citroën C3: Appearance, Features and Safety

Although both able city cars, visually the Citroën C1 and Citroën C3 strike different poses.

The latest generation Citroën C1 model, released 2014, differs enormously from its predecessor. After a complete redesign, the new and compact C1 has been reshaped and squared off via layered front panels to give it a more modern and classically Citroën feel. Dynamic lines, chrome weatherstrips (dependent on trim level), availability of colours and contrasts, airscape and LED daytime running lights only serve to highlight this cars parentage.
On the other hand, the all-new supermini Citroën C3 is not only bigger but its expressive and unique shape renders it immediately recognisable. However there are clear similarities between the two siblings: complete with C4 Cactus-style Air-Bump protective panels, although narrowed, for urban parking protection and an iconic new-age Citroën layered front end. 
The end result is that the New Citroën C3 model seemingly is an accomplished collaboration drawing inspiration from the C1 and C4 Cactus. In the same way as the Citroën C1, the C3 has a high availability and wide range of colours, contrasts and customizable options.
Both models offer an enhanced driving experience either via C1 Airscape - Citroën’s fabric sunroof - or the C3s advancement on this that features a glass panoramic finish. Again, similarities can be drawn in the interiors of each. For one, the dashboards are designed using clean, uncluttered lines that are enhanced and finished with considered touches of colour. These accents on the multimedia surround, air vent trim and gear lever surround are not only stylish but also practical when night driving. Again both give the driver and passengers a unique feeling of space and comfort which is further enhanced by the impressive boot capacities of both respective Citroën models.
The overall feel of both models looks is one if a cheerful and upbeat elegance which is so hallmarked to all Citroën designs.

When we look beyond the bonnet and panels, there are clear similarities and stark differences between these two Citroën models.

The Citroën C1 comes readily available with the PureTech 82 petrol engine. This is a 1.2 litre 3-cylinder petrol engine that utilises cutting edge economical technologies to achieve fuel consumption of 4.3l/100 km and CO2 emissions of 99g/km. At the same time, this engineering success delivers great driveability to the Citroën C1 by crowning it with nimble and reactive performance ability.
Similarly, the New Citroën C3 has the latest generation PureTech petrol engines but there are also and BlueHDi Diesel models available. Both, it must be noted, are efficient and economical. The petrol range is available with a manual gearbox with the 3 cylinder PureTech 68, 82 and 110 engines. Whereas, the Diesel version comes complete with a manual gearbox and fitted with BlueHDi 75 and 100 engines.
To offer optimum driving pleasure and comfort, the New C3 will is also available with an EAT6 automatic gearbox. To find out more about this version please visit CitroënOnline or contact us today.

“Citroën places emphasis on clever technology that is both effective and simple”

Features wise, although simple in look the Citroën C1 places emphasis on clever technology that is both effective and simple. One example of this is its keyless entry and drive. 
Additionally, a reversing camera highlights this car’s intent as a maneuverable city car - and one that can adeptly handle tight spaces. 
The car’s touchscreen is a 7”screen in the centre of the dashboard. This device allows users to control the onboard media functions e.g. telephone, audio functions, navigation etc easily and safely. Another sure sign of C1’s urban roots is the dynamic hill-start assist which can be very useful as it holds the car steady for a couple of seconds for an easy start on slopes with a gradient of over 3%.
Not surprisingly, the Citroën C3 not only includes the C1 features but also has many more available. For example, cutting-edge driver assist technologies, including lane departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, speed limit recognition, cruise control and a higher level reversing camera. What really makes New C3 stand out though is the introduction its gives of Citroën’s ConnectedCAM Citroën™.
This ConnectedCAM Citroën™ is an HD camera located behind the rearview mirror. It seamlessly links to an app via your smartphone where photos, videos and data can be saved. Meaning that this CAM can be utilised in the event of an accident, or simply to save images of a beautiful view you may have experienced on your journey!
To find out and discover more about the above features please download an official Citroën brochure for the Citroën C1 or Citroën C3, or visit CitroënOnline.

Citroën C1 Vs Citroën C3: Available price plans

Prices start at new from £10,995, with lease options starting at £139.97 per month plus VAT.
To discover our finance options further please contact CitroënOnline or visit our website today.

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