The All New Citroën C3: Gearing up for an Early 2017 Launch

June 2016 saw the much anticipated global reveal of the all New Citroën C3. This stylish and comfortable supermini is hoping to serve as a modern revamp of the highly successful and best-selling current C3 model - which, since its 2002 release, has sold over 3.6 million models. This equates to one in every five Citroën car sales across Europe being a C3. Clearly, this all New C3 has a lot to live up to.
With the addition of the latest automotive technologies, bright and bold customisable options and the world’s premier of the ConnectedCAM Citroën™, this all new model is certainly geared up to make tracks in today’s highly competitive supermini market.
This article will outline the New C3’s features, look and price plans to see if this renewed model is par with, or indeed a new and improved version of, its highly coveted predecessor.

The C3’s All New Look

Featuring C4 Cactus-style Air-Bump protective panels, now narrower, for urban parking protection and featuring that iconic new-age Citroën layered front end, looks wise, this new model appears to be an accomplished collaboration of the current C1 and C4 Cactus. But it is when you look further that the New C3 truly comes into its own: With a tall front end, Citroen’s two-tier headlighting, panoramic sunroof and high level of customisation, this car certainly is not to be ignored. 
It’s available in a wide array of colours, with varying degrees of mix and match and metallic options, making it the one of the most personalisable cars in its class. There are currently nine body, three roof and two Air-bump colours, along with two different headlight options, providing over 36 possible combinations. This remarkable level of personalisation makes the New C3 perfectly suited to any personality or character.
The interior is a similarly striking story. Straight edges have been made straighter, corners rounder and the interior space has been clad with a satisfyingly traditional tweed-like material, which wouldn't look out of place on home furnishings. 
The seats are comfortable and supportive and have been cleverly designed to afford their passengers as much space as possible. The boot is similar in its spacious luxury. There are also more custom options on the C3’s inside, with cladding, padding, highlighting, trimming and material details all to be decided.
The whole feel of this new model has been recently summed up in a review, where the C3 was described as being “nicely old fashioned but with modern precision,” and that is exactly the feeling you get. A warming sense of nostalgia twinned with excitement, power and gratifying style.

The Citroën C3: New and Improved Features

The excitement continues when you peel back the bonnet and examine the dashboard. Equipped with cutting edge driver assist technologies, including a keyless start, lane departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, speed limit recognition, cruise control and a high level reversing camera, the all New Citroën C3 is a joy to drive; simple, comfortable and safe.
The New C3 has the latest generation PureTech petrol and BlueHDi Diesel engines. Either a three-cylinder 1.2-litre petrol with 67, 81 or 108bhp or a 1.6-litre turbo diesel with 74 or 99bhp certainly step this car up a level and make it both efficient and economical, whilst being “magnificently combative”.
The New C3 diesel and petrol versions are both available with a manual gearbox. To offer optimum driving pleasure and comfort, the New C3 will also be available with an EAT6 automatic gearbox, shortly after its 2017 launch.
Another feature of the all new and improved C3, is the addition and global premier of the patented ConnectedCAM Citroën™ This is a smart and dynamic HD camera located just behind the rear view mirror. This camera links to a app on your smartphone where photos, videos and data can saved. Meaning that this CAM can be utilised in the event of an accident as providing evidence, or to save images of a beautiful view you may have experienced on your journey - just click to take a photo and instantly save it or share it on social media.

New Citroën C3 Pricing

As it stands, the New C3 will be available for order at the tail end of 2016 with its launch geared up for early 2017. However, advance orders for early 2017 delivery are already available for those wanting price protect. 
Prices will start at new from £10,995, with lease options starting at £139.97 per month plus VAT.

New Citroën C3 Alternatives

Listed below are all current available alternatives to Citroën’s New C3. These models are now available from CitroenOnline on either new, or lease price plans. 

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