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LMC of Farnham Ltd is an Appointed Representative of ITC Compliance Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (their registration number is 313486) and which is permitted to advise on and arrange general insurance contracts.



Available to any Business or Private user

With Contract Hire you pay an amount each month for the use of the chosen vehicle. The cost per month is directly related to how much the vehicle will depreciate over the period. Each funding company’s rental will be based on the cost of the vehicle (the funders will receive excellent fleet discounts) and how much that company feels the vehicle will be worth at the end of the contract, taking into account the period and the mileage to be covered. Each company’s view of a vehicles future value can vary dramatically and will result in, sometimes vast, differences in the monthly rentals you pay. Some vehicles, that hold their value well could cost less per month than vehicles with a lower initial cash price.

At the end of the contract, just hand the vehicle back, subject to mileage and condition. Each contract is calculated using the number of miles you expect to drive each year. If this is exceeded then you pay an additional mileage charge (pence per mile). Contracts can usually be amended if necessary to accommodate changing circumstances. Maintenance can be included to cover all servicing costs, tyres, batteries, wiper blades etc.

VAT is payable on the monthly rentals. For VAT registered businesses 50% of the VAT is reclaimable on the vehicle element of any car contract (100% for commercial vehicles or if the car is used 100% for business use), 100% of the VAT is always reclaimable on the maintenance element. This is a major benefit as, if you purchase a car outright, you can only claim the VAT paid if there is absolutely no personal use.

Sometimes referred to as an Operating Lease



ELECT3 - PCP (Personal Contract Purchase)

If you want a new CITROËN car every two or three years with monthly payments structured to suit your budget, Elect3 is for you!

With Elect3, you first pay a deposit, which can be anything between 5% and 40% of the vehicle price. On some CITROËN cars manufacturer deposit contributions are also offered to assist with this. You can choose a term of 25, 31 or 37 months and an annual mileage allowance of 6,000 to 30,000 miles. Once you have selected these, CITROËN will give a GUARANTEED MINIMUM FUTURE VALUE for your car. Your monthly payments are then simply based upon the difference between this and your initial deposit amount. (9.9% APR representative). Note, with Elect3, you are the registered keeper of the car from day one.


At the end of the agreement, just elect one of three options:

1. Buy your car. Pay the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value amount and take full ownership of your car. We can also offer re-financing options for this

2. Part Exchange it for a new CITROËN car using any equity the car has as the deposit.

3. Return the car to CITROËN.

To give you added financial security and peace of mind, we've also included a new feature called Payment Waiver* that can help cover your finances against unforeseen circumstances.


Hire Purchase/Instalment Credit (Personal or business use)

If you are looking to own your vehicle and require a flexible package to fit your budget, Purchase Plan is for you.


Driving away in a brand new CITROËN is easy, you can do it in four easy steps:

1. Choose the size of your deposit, from 5-50% of the vehicle price

2. Agree on a term, between 12 and 60 months, that best suits your budget

3. We'll calculate an affordable, fixed monthly payment for you.

4. You drive away in a brand new CITROËN, when you make your final payment, the car is yours (9.9% APR representative)

To give you added financial security and peace of mind, we've also included a new feature called Payment Waiver* that can help cover your finances against unforeseen circumstances.


*PAYMENT WAIVER - A New Feature on Our Retail Finance Contracts

From 4th January 2011, our new and used car CITROËN retail finance customers will benefit from an industry first feature in their finance contracts - Payment Waiver.


Payment Waiver is the term CITROËN Financial Services have given to a new feature of their regulated Purchase Plan and Elect3 agreements.

As employment is a key concern for many individuals when considering whether or not to take on an additional financial burden, CITROËN Financial Services have chosen to take responsibility for paying up to six monthly instalments for those customers who are made redundant involuntarily during their CITROËN finance contract. Should you still be unemployed after six instalments have been waived, CITROËN will offer the opportunity to hand your vehicle back and close your agreement without any further financial liability (conditions apply).

There is NO additional charge to customers for the inclusion of Payment Waiver to your CITROËN finance agreement!

Ask an advisor for full details of this exciting product should you wish to find out more. Please note that this feature is only applicable to Finance products funded by CITROËN Financial Services, therefore excludes  the Alphera Select and Alphera Low Rate Finance products funded by Alphera Financial Services.


INSTANT COVER - Motor Insurance

If you need immediate, fuss-free car insurance to get you on the road today, Instant Cover is for you!


You're just one phone call away from recieving 7 days comprehensive insurance for free.

All CITROËN ask is that you let them provide you with a fully comprehensive annual Insurance quote, before taking delivery of your new car. There is no obligation to take this annual cover, but we think you will when you could save up to 15% when you buy online!

Once you have ordered your new Citroen from us, simply call 0870 024 2821 and quote our Dealer Code of 1217 to apply for your Free 7 Day Instant Cover Motor Insurance!  Terms and conditions apply.





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